Confessions of a Young Man

Item Type: JAS Surviving Contents
Creator: George Moore
Creator: WS, frontispiece illustrator
Publisher: London: Swan, Sonnenschein, Lowrey & Co.
Issued: 1888
Edition: 2nd edition
Provenance: John Addington Symonds, armorial bookplate "John Addington Symonds, Davos Platz, Read June 15-16, '88." William George's Sons, bookseller label "Me voici, j'ai vide mon sac. Prenez mon livre. C'est le dernier testament de notre tout devoue. Cher peuple, chers garcons, mes tres chers amis !!" "Here I am, I've said all I have to say. Take my book. This is the last testimony of our complete devotee. Dear people, dear boys, my very good friends!!"
Author of this Entry: GD