The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrics in the English Language

Item Type: JAS Known Contents
Creator: Francis Turner Palgrave
Publisher: Dodge Publishing Company
Issued: 1861
Edition: 2 volumes
Language: English
Author of this Entry: Diane Lee
Evidence Type: Letter
Volume: Page (Letter): 1:318 (204)
Date: November 10, 1861
Addressed To?: Charlotte Symonds
Importance?: Reading but does not find it interesting
Owned?: Possibly
Evidence: "I had not read anything interesting this week. The Golden Treasury & Percy's Reliques and Songs from the Dramatists (wh arrived quite safely) I dip into occasionally. I intend writing Palgrave to suggest that he has omitted Chatterton from his selection."
Frequency Mentioned: Three times: 1:333 (215) (I do not know whether she has received the Golden Treasury"), 1:337 (219) (This morning to my great joy I had a good long letter from mme Goldschmidt. My book had been opened only about 3 days ago.)
Source Contributor: Diane Lee