The History of the Peloponnesian War

Item Type: JAS Known Contents
Creator: Thucydides; edited by Thomas Arnold, D.D.
Publisher: Printed by Thomas Combe for John Henry Parker
Issued: 1847-1848
Edition: Volumes 1, 2, and 3
Language: English and Greek
Author of this Entry: Kendra Brewer
Evidence Type: Letter
Volume: Page (Letter): 1:108 (40)
Date: May 17, 1857
Addressed To?: Charlotte Symonds
Importance?: Possibly reading for school
Owned?: Yes
Evidence: "Would you ask Papa whether he has the last two vols. of Arnold's Thucydides? He gave me the first to take but I think it was the only vol. he had. We are going to read it soon & I thought if he could pick up the other two it would be less expensive than my getting a whole new edition which I should be obliged to do. I have an idea that the two last were published in a separate series--at least they are differently bound--from the first ∴ most probably they could be procured separately." The Oxford Exam Statutes of 1851 mention the 1847 and 1850 editions of this book as the two acceptable options for students to purchase. Given that the 1850 edition was written in part by another author, I have chosen to represent here the 1847 edition by Thomas Arnold.
Source Contributor: Kendra Brewer