The Life and Death of Silas Barnstake: A Story of the Seventeenth Century

Item Type: JAS Known Contents
Creator: Talbot Gwynne (pseudonym of Josepha Heath Gulston)
Publisher: Smith, Elder, & Co.
Issued: 1853
Edition: First edition
Language: English
Author of this Entry: Nhat Tran
Evidence Type: Letter
Volume: Page (Letter): 1:162 (81)
Date: September 28, 1858
Addressed To?: Dr. John Addington Symonds (father)
Importance?: Leisure read?
Owned?: No
Evidence: "We had got a book called Silas Barnstake by Gwynne from the Library, & I began to read it out. It was the most horrible beginning all about dying people, & winter's nights, & diabolically hard hearted little boys, so that we had to relinquish it. But its lugubrious influence remained, & we fell to talking "ghosts," robbers, etc."
Source Contributor: Nhat Tran