The Sinfulness of Balls

Item Type: JAS Known Contents
Creator: Annonymous
Publisher: The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, Art, and Finance
Issued: 1861
Edition: Volume XI, Febuary 2, 1861
Language: English
Author of this Entry: Kathryn H. Stutz
Evidence Type: Letter
Volume: Page (Letter): 1:271 (163)
Date: February 2, 1861
Addressed To?: Charlotte Symonds
Importance?: Recently read
Owned?: Possibly
Evidence: "I have just been reading the Saturday Review. It contains two very good articles. The one is a most witty paper on some impotent Evangelical, who has been publishing illogical syllogisms & libellous revelations of private affairs in the shape of a tract upon the Sinfulness of Balls."
Source Contributor: Kathryn H. Stutz